Winter Ramos

Orlando, Florida


About Me

As an accomplished Wardobe Stylist/Costume Designer with 14 years experience in the corporate arena, I was
extremely enthusiastic to discover the open Fashion Photo Stylist position. I have been following your organization
for many years and find it very impressive that you manage to stay recognized as one of the best companies to
work for, for many years now. I am impressed with your company culture and feel that my experience working
with various stakeholders and my expertise in managing multiple projects under tight deadlines is a perfect match.
Your Needs:
The fashion stylist needs to possess excellent communicating skills to impress the company and the client in the
favor of new designs and products designed by stylist.
2. Needs to acquire basic computer and reading skills in order to send and receive mails, reply them and read and
write to the clients and other marketing officers.
3. A fashion professional should be business minded along with the creative knowledge to have good business once
the product is launched, for its promotion and increase in demand.
4. Skills to determine the demand of the particular product and services by consulting the other marketing people and
also by taking the reviews of the people using the product or merchandise.
5. To have complete fashion knowledge and creativity to play with different fabrics and materials to create clothing
line and accessories. Innovate new stuff which can be liked by public and the demand increases.
My Qualifications:
Keep up to date with current and changing trends in fashion and design.
Advising clients on fashion styling for visuals.
Selecting the most appropriate pieces from collections and ranges for a shoot.
Purchasing wardrobe and props for a shoot.
Supervising a shoot.
My attached resume provides more detail about my background and skills. I would like to speak with you to further
discuss the possibility of contributing to your organization's success. Please contact me at the phone number listed on
my resume to set up a time to discuss the requirements of this position.
Winter Ramos

I have been in the industry since 1999.

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