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I have over ten years of experience in reality television. In that time, I have performed about every duty possible in the creation of the projects that I've been lucky enough to be involved in... I have held positions from Field Producer to Director to Senior Producer, and most recently, I've worked as a Show Runner for the past couple of years.

During the first seven years of my career, I worked with a small production company and helped them evolve and grow from a start up to a competitive reality production company with shows airing on Discovery, TLC, CMT, The History Channel, etc. Before my departure from that company, I was the Lead Producer for their development team. In that time, I developed more than a dozen shows for them from concept through casting, production, post, and completion of pilots and/or pitches for the networks.

For nineteen months, I have worked as a Field Coordinator on the set of ABC's "Wipeout". With this position; I oversaw the day to day production and maintenance of the set, progress of the builds, controlled and maintain the water distribution system, managed heavy equipment rentals, oversaw soil construction, scheduling, assigning tasks to my team, saw short term and long term projects through completion, etc, etc...

Over the last 18 months, I have worked as the Show Runner for the last two seasons of “Operation Repo”. During this time, I oversaw the creative process from concept of story to completion of delivery. I was the connection between the network to the Executives, and head of all aspects of Production. I cast and directed the talent, and worked to clear and restaff the entire production team to facilitate the completion of the series.

I have great multitasking skills and thrive in a high stress environment. I've been blessed with an attitude that allows me to get along with everyone, and at the same time, I'm respected as a leader and decision maker. I love for my work to be a challenge, and ultimately hope for a position where I can grow within the company and become an asset and a friend.

Thank you for consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Andy Horton

I have been in the industry since 2004.

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