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For over two decades, we've been making videos that captivate hearts, drive sales, and provide effective solutions. Our diverse portfolio includes immersive documentaries, captivating shorts, and enlightening educational series.

At Magnason Film, we're committed to delivering top-tier video production. Your story deserves nothing less. Let's work together to create videos that forge lasting emotional connections with your audience and unlock your brand's full potential, turning visions into extraordinary realities.


“You can tell Mathias is getting something artistically out of it, not just going through the motions and not caring. Other filmmakers just wanted to offer a service and get it done—‘This is what we do; we do it all the time; we can get it done.’ But not Mathias. He always made time for us and responded quickly to emails. It felt like we were making a movie together.”

Namasha Schelling
Marketing Director
Day One

We have been in the industry since 2002.

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Directing, writing, editing – Electric Vehicles, The Good The Bad and The Ugly
October, 2022 — October, 2023
Television – The Epoch Times
Directing, writing, editing – Leaving California (90 minute Documentary)
October, 2022 — March, 2023
Television – Epoch Times & NTD
Directing & Editing – American Essence
August, 2022 — August, 2022
Commercial – American Essence Magazine
Story Producer & Editor – Taste of America (24 minute Documentary)
March, 2022 — May, 2022
Television – NTD
Production Company – Short documentary promo video
January, 2022 — March, 2022
Corporate – Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine
Directing, editing, writing & Producing – Canaries In A Cold War
January, 2021 — February, 2022
Television – NTD
Editor & Consultant – American Republic vs CCP
September, 2020 — October, 2020
Television – Timeless Productions
Director, editor – Tracking Down The Origin of the Wuhan Corona virus
February, 2020 — May, 2020
Television – Epoch Times
Director, editor & Writer – short documentaries
May, 2019 — August, 2022
Short Film – Falun Dafa Information Center
Production Company – Stories That Defines US
September, 2018 — March, 2019
Corporate – Fortuna Auctions
Director, Writer & Editor – Day One
February, 2018 — July, 2018
Corporate – Day One
DP & Editor – Hard To Believe
May, 2014 — June, 2015
Television – Ken Stone Media Services, PBS
Director, DP & Writer – The Luxury Home and Design Show
February, 2014 — June, 2014
Commercial – Taste of Life
ENG Crew – How To Train Your Dragon
February, 2013 — February, 2013
Commercial – Mark Haefeli Productions
Director, DP, Editor – 500 Instructional videos
January, 2013 — December, 2013
Online – Livestrong
Director & Writer – The Persecution of Falun Gong
June, 2012 — June, 2014
Short Film – Swoop Films
Field Producer, Editor – Promo videos & Ads
January, 2012 — August, 2017
Commercial – Shakespear Productions
Journey To The East – Director
May, 2010 — May, 2011
Television – NTD
Director & Editor – Short documentary promo videos
January, 2010 — September, 2022
Commercial – Endless Echo


Mathias is a remarkable filmmaker. His interviews dig deep, his cinematography is gorgeous, and his editing flows and sings while adding layers of meaning and emotion. Mathias is absolutely amazing.

I have worked with Magnason Film on a documentary film about a supermodel. Mathias Magnason's story-telling capability, writing skill, and artistic senses really impress me. He is a great filmmaker.

Wenjing Ma
Producer, Director, NTD TV

I have worked with Mathias Magnason and his company Magnason Film multiple times and highly recommend him for producing professional, tasteful, high-class videos. Mathias Magnason is an outstanding creative editor, producer and director.

Ragnar Freidank
Video & Audio Production, Ragnar Freidank

I hired Magnason Film to create a story, edit, and finish a 30-minute Doc. The quality and professionalism exceeded my expectation by a mile. The people from MF did above and beyond what they were asked to. Highly recommend it.

Yi-Yuan Chang
Producer, NTD TV

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