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I am a visual storyteller. I use my camera to communicate ideas, information and a sense of place whether the story is about an amazing structure or garden and the people who designed them; or an interesting film, video, invention, product or service; or a fascinating company or person; or a travel destination. I believe it is possible to photograph many subjects well, especially when you love what you do. I believe this translates into the high quality product and service I deliver to my clients.

When photographing, I remained focused on the story I need to help my clients tell, while drawing upon my creativity, my sense of composition, and solid lighting and technical skills. The end results are well-crafted images that convey a strong concept or vision.

I often combine my images with written text to create compelling articles that have been featured in over 60 publications.

My career has taken me to over 50 countries. I am a member of the Association of Independent Architectural Photographers and the American Society of Media Photographers.

Additionally, Caryn has worked as a Producer, Writer, Director and Production Manager on commercials and television shows that aired on the Learning Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, Flix, Showtime, the Movie Channel and Discovery Channel.

We have been in the industry since 2000.

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