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San Francisco, California

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If you need a reliable freelancer, I'm the most capable and versatile problem solver/ crew member to have. I also provide a tremendous amount of support to any project I work on.

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I freelance in media production performing various roles emphasizing creativity and team collaboration -- with quality and efficience; as well as provide dedicated support for the qualitative integrity of any project of interest.

I regularly work as a photographer and content creator/producer, but also tend to all-around tasks that include, project coordination, studio floor management (television), assistant directing and production assisting -- come production.

I take the greatest delight in creating media content, and those specialties include helping produce collaborative material for various productions with editorial staff, reporters and media production professionals.

My goal is to help proudly produce, make and capture substantive content for media of all forms, so that people can either enjoy, learn, appreciate and understand the whole of human experiences that different types of media try to convey.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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