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I am an East African. I authored a book titled “The End.”---which happens to be one topic that has man coming up with all sorts of theories, mine included. However, looking at how I came up with my end time theory---which might seem subjective on face value---I must warn you. .....God is certainly in the details! So really keep off the The End, if you would rather the end time catches you unaware. And forgive me for further tempting you with a recent Youtube video titled "The End" (www.youtube.com)

On a different note, my other writing passion is screenwriting. I have written 5 scripts. I love to diversify, so I have a coming of age comedy; a serial killer thriller, a bible-story based comedy; a family drama centered around a rope—Yeah you heard me right.... a rope; and finally a military thriller about the most effective weapon this century......bluffing—Yes you heard me right, again. The movie is about a new-age weapon, so trenchant that World Superpowers bluff they have it, while fervently trying to track it down. My polished script are as follows:-

 Coming of Age Comedy---a winner in moviemaker script hotlisting. This script is about Two mischievous college buddies find themselves fighting over a stunningly beautiful African princess; one for love, the other for money.

 Crime/Thriller – This is about a stressed Law enforcement agent, ordered to recuperate on desk duty, must defy his superiors to match wits with a psychopath whose on-line maze combat game is a replica of his real-life human slaughterhouse. This thriller was optioned and is seriously being considered for production.

 Who Cares-A Documentary piece about children in Africa’s 2nd largest slum. It has won recognition in Switzerland.

 Shirandula Bus Service-This is a comedy about a bus trip, taken by two buddies trying to make some extra money during the Xmass Holidays in Kenya.

 Religious Comedy-This script is primarily about Hosea, son of Nun and thriving Hebrew slave drivers. They find themselves facing eminent business collapse when Moses, God’s chosen prophet, arrives. As a result, they are forced to rethink their approach to everything; including their cordial relationship with Pharaoh.

I am currently re-writing two other scripts i.e the rope and one about a secret weapon .

I have been in the industry since 1998.


Producer – The End By John Lerrato

December, 2016 — February, 2017
Short Film –

Co Producer, script witer – Who Cares Documentary

February, 2009 — July, 2009
Short Film – Stephan Studder

Work with Lino Mugwanga

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