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STORYBOARDS for your next project… better looking, faster, and more affordable than you ever thought possible!

Don’t waste anymore time or money on mediocre story development. We create your winning story pitches that will get your projects sold and give you the solid foundation to finish on time.

Hiring outside conceptual help is usually risky and expensive with many costly iterations. We solved this problem by creating an innovative and efficient digital pipeline to meet your deadlines and give you winning results. Our experienced team consists of talent trained at the major studios like Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, and Lucasfilm.

We give you the industry’s best communication and project management. Tight deadlines? Our story crew will come through to meet your schedule. We can handle your story reel animatics, character and concept designs, background designs, and full Previz/3D animated story reels. Our services include:

Thumbnail sketches to Continuity Storyboards
Story Reel Animatics
Motion Comics -ipad ready images!
Character Designs
Background Designs
3D Previz
“After dealing with flaky artists, missed deadlines, and overpriced agents we finally found the StoryboardArt team. They helped us create the winning pre-production for our project and helped us finish on schedule when no one else could. I would recommend their services to anyone considering high-quality design and story work.”

— Daniel Burwin ,Cognito Comics Operation Ajax

From Live-action Features, Video Games, to Motion Comics we can bring your ideas to life and give you the best client experience you’ve ever had. Contact us to find out more about our unique production platform and how we can help you on your next narrative project. Using us for your pre-production services will lift your expectations of professionalism for every other job to come!

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