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I'm Wesley, a compelling mid-twenties live-wire from Hawaii, sunburns and all--and I have worked through Hawaii, LA, New York, New Jersey & Las Vegas while getting my degree…& survived it. With a BA in Creative Media and Film Production.

I simply cannot stop adding value to everything I’m involved in, with passion, exuberance, and gruff. Because life should be ridiculous, so why postpone joy? Celebrate it. Get Boomtime with it. Its your life.

I was lead AD in New Jersey Business venture "Boomtime LLC" for all promotions, sponsors, events, and shenanigans. My 6'5'' giant Jersey-surfing buddy started the business for extreme sports and water crafts. We built, sold, and delagated in Jet Skis sales, sponsored teams in the Red Bull Flugtag, and made meadia headway and PR strategies for this online retail business. www.ShopBoomtime.com. It'll change your life

After my internship with 20th Century Fox Studios, I talked my way into office & location production assistant jobs, especially live events work in Hawaii. I helped set up an internship called AMP (Aloha Movement Program), where we integrate all forms of Media with a collaborative arts program. Starting with the University's student events, then expanding to outside benefit venues and events state-wide, we've reached a whole new audience with collaboration and integration of different avenues for education and art. Art shows mixed with student taught forums, multi-platform music events, and business associated sponsorships--AMP has now expanded into multiple states and schools, and is scholastically recognized for Business and Media credits

A Set PA in New York commercials; more than just a PA on the movie "Last Vegas" filmed in Las Vegas. With time under my belt, I've started rearranging my abilities from production work in pre, post and on-site productions in film & commercials; to assisting in advertising and marketing, Multi-platform PR, & the production, recording & execution of live events. LA, New York, Hawaii-- I've hit every coast.

I am NOT an unemployed actor on the couch--I'm a pusher and doer, living for the production of valuable works. INVENTIVE and DRIVEN. No attititude, no ego--Just confidence.

I can work well with & for anyone, in any platform, venue or late night, overtime grunt work. Give it to me, I'll work it til it gets done. Then I'll redo it without a grumble. Because it has to get done.

Start with your best; end better, crisper, & accomplished. Add VALUE.

Aloha & Mahalo
Wesley (808) 286 5695 wscanlon808@gmail.com

I have been in the industry since 2008.

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