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Wesley here—charismatic and gregarious Assistant Director, 2nd, and Key PA. And just as delightful on set as I am in email 

Been working in New York production for 5+ years after years of being a ginger in Hawaii working on productions in the sun. Mostly involved in the AD team now, added on as a 2nd and 1st AD for many productions, high end to low budgets and in between, as well as recently being a 2nd on the feature film "Blind" with Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore, and the 2nd on a new kid tv series named “Natalie Frye: Private Eye.” I handle many different scenarios.
Normally 2nd AD on promos, commercials, live events and occasional music videos; I’ve worked on such shows as Younger, Empire, The Americans, Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll, Louie, MTV promos with a mix of celebrities. And a lengthy list of commercials from brand names to professional sport promos to man on the street interview to live event recording, working with clients for approvals and production for scheduling. I’m the Family sized Halloween assorted candy bag of production; with me, you get the right candy that suits the situation

From Hugh Jackman to the Cookie Monster, I’ve handled it all on a range of productions, covering pre, on set, and post production—scheduling, coordinating, pre-pro business, invoicing, paperwork, PR, locations, vendors, pick ups, transpo, and other office tasks

Also quite used to being handy and utilized on smaller budget productions, acting as swing grip/rigger, art department, sound recording, assistant camera work and camera operations. 3 point lighting, teleprompter, running cable. Seasoned carpenter and AV tech

Production has had me on a range of talent; from seasoned actors to fresh new faces both in film and television, 65+ BG out in public locations, well known musicians with multiple wardrobe changes, high end clients for real life interviews, professional athletes, child actors, “man on the street” talent, live stream events with on the spot released people, animals of all sizes, kinds and experience.

I’m also experienced in live event recording, reality recording, and “man on the street” unscripted scenarios. Very fast paced and always on our toes, it’s a welcomed challenge.
This includes load in/out, stage building, AV installation & operation, and crowd management

Consistently brought in to 2nd 2nd, background handle, and coordinate on productions with 60+ talent to wrangle, prepare and keep up with work documentation etc.

I can send references from commercial producers, ADs or directors if needed. I can assure you that my work shows how very capable I am in terms of crew management, paperwork (both sag and non sag plus Coogan account etc), and general production delegation. I'm more than capable and gladly desire to wear many hats, take on heavy responsibility, and delegate within different departments, as well as across companies from production to client.

What can I say, I’m a delightful and humorous ginger from Hawaii with a heart of gold, and I always have gum.

Top tier company promos or commercials as of recently:
Dunkin Donuts - seasonal spots
Nissan International - commercial, Altima, Leaf models
Maybelline - online media spot, :30 & :60 television
Johnson & Johnson - Man on the street interview approach, multimedia expansions 
Amazon Echo - Live spot, reality with real persons using multi camera approach
FX channel - Fall season trailers
Verizon Wireless - :30 broadcast spot and :90 online media spot
Fox Broadcasting - Summer series, promo spot for upcoming preview season
 Cadillac - Multi spot :30 :60
Virgin mobile - played Stunt Double
Lucky Charms - intro new marshmallow secret promotion 
March of Dimes - Cancer research promotion and media outreach 
Rock the Bells - live concert and media space event production/management 

Last Vegas (Film 2014)
Gotham (TV 2014-2018)
Blue Bloods(TV 2015, 2017)
Blind (Film 2016)
Down the hole (film 2016)
Green Dragon (2017)
Natalie Frye: Private Eye

Some work I’ve been deeply involved with, from shooting or coordinating or Assistant Directing

Looking forward to hearing from ya
Wesley J. Scanlon

I have been in the industry since 2008.

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