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An Award Winning Director of Photography, Lighting Director, Camera Operator and Gaffer. J. Poisson has over 7 years of professional experience working on narrative films (short and feature), music videos, corporate videos and commercials.

Rhode Island native J. Poisson has always had a strong passion for film. As a child, her favorite thing to do was go to the movies. One such childhood movie, Explorers (1985), caught J's imagination so much she thought that she and her kindergardner friends, like the characters in the movie, where going to build a spaceship and explore space. To say the least, fantasy and reality had to be explained to J. about her interstellar ambitions.

Of course her ambitions remained high, J. doesn't seek the limelight of the camera but rather control of the lights and camera. She has served as Director of Photography or Lighting Director on 11 feature films and 16 short films.

I have been in the industry since 2006.

J. Poisson Director of Photography/Lighting Director/Gaffer Demo Reel 2013
Added on 9/11/2013
Projects Featured: 'Provoked'- Feature (2013): Lighting Director 'Dr. Frankenstein's Wax Museum of the Hungry Dead' - Feature (2013): Director of Photography (Won Best Cinematographer) 'Murder University'- Feature (2012): Director of Photography 'Exhumed'- Feature (2011): Lighting Director 'Human Nature'- Feature (2011): Lighting Director 'The Disco Exorcist'- Feature (2010): Director of Photography (Nominated Best Cinematographer) 'Collected Souls'- Short (2013): Director of Photography 'Midsummer's Night Dream Promo Video (2013): Lighting Director 'Million Dollar Baby- Scene Recreation' (2013): Director of Photography 'Waiting'- Short (2012): Lighting Director 'After'- Short (2012): Director of Photography 'A Date With Your Family' - Short (2012): Lighting Director 'Fucking Bukowski'- Short (2011): Director of Photography 'Dr. Frankenstein in Women's Prison'- Short (2011): Director of Photography 'UnChained'- Short (2011): Director of Photography SONG: 'Love Letter' by Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes

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