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WELCOME HOME PRODUCTIONS, located in Hollywood, California, was formed in December 2010 to create and produce high-quality feature-length movies in the ever-growing world of independent cinema. With an array of films slated for release in 2012 and 2013 already, Welcome Home Productions proves to be a force in film.

Our goal is to bring films to the big screen with unique characters, themes not commonly touched upon on big blockbuster films, and stories we genuinely want to see. We believe time is something we never get back, and as such, we want to you to spend your time enjoying a good movie! And that's something Welcome Home Productions always aims to deliver.

Eddy Salazar holds more than 8 years of acting experience. A natural born leader with a creative vision, Eddy Salazar has coached actors for stage and auditions and has directed a number of plays.

With his passion for storytelling and precise instinct for trends in cinema, Eddy founded Welcome Home Productions, a name he came up with as an homage to his mother who ran a real estate company with a similar name. His goal was to bring to the big screen the stories that people want to see. Life is full of stories, and the excitement of seeing each one told well fuels his drive to continue producing films.

Eddy's collaborative approach has enabled him to establish successful long-term relationships with other filmmakers. The sky is the limit for Eddy Salazar, Welcome Home Productions, and their tenacious drive to succeed.

We have been in the industry since 2010.

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