Duck Island Music Company

1463 Lamberton St, suite B
Trenton, New Jersey 08611


About Us

Duck Island Music is a a professional recording studio and rehearsal space in a commercial section of Hamilton, near the Trenton border. We offer 24x7 access in a secure, secluded location. Our Engineer has over 25 years of experience writing, playing, producing, and recording various kinds of music; all artists are welcome. Recording is done in Logic Pro on a Mac, with a 16 channel Mackie Onyx board. We have a full compliment of microphones, preamps, and direct boxes and can handle what ever it is that you bring in. If it makes a sound, we'll record it.

We also offer rehearsal space with a full back-line - call or email for details.

Recording is $25 an hour.
Rehearsal is $15 an hour.

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