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North Hollywood, California

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Greetings, I am a compositor based in North Hollywood, California. My skills as a compositor include keying, set extension, rotoscoping, rig removal, dustbusting, tracking and matchmoving, warping, among others. I have also created various effects such as atmospheric, heat distortion, water distortion, muzzle flashes, creating faux light sources and its appropriate shading, and day-to-night. I have a deep understanding of his craft and a keen sense of troubleshooting that allows me to tackle even tough projects while hitting my deadlines and still keeping up my high standards of quality.

In addition to compositing, I have also have editing experience in music video, short narrative, short documentary, and informational and investment videos. Expecially for music related videos, editing has allowed me to direct my passion in music to my craft. A project I am particularly proud of is an album release trailer to an Grammy nominated Jazz musician.

While my focus has always been video post-production, my eagerness to learn has allowed me to experience other aspects. I pride myself on my ability to adapt and quickly learn. Prior and even current experiences have put these traits to challenge, from working many roles on a couple short films to working as an assistant at the special effects studio, Lee Romaire Studios, Inc.

Bob Leathers - Compositing Demo Reel
Added on 3/19/2014
Bob's Compositing and VFX demo reel.

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