Lejla Ceric

Chicago, Illinois

About Me

Independent Production, Post-Production and Sales Support services for clients that include Adelstein Liston, Marblepoint Media, TV Bostel and Richter Studios.

In June 2010, I began my journey as a Production Coordinator at Production Craft, Inc. I have developed my skills in TV broadcasting and coordinating corporate video shoots for clients that included CNBC, C-SPAN, Bloomberg and National Safety Council. I worked closely with Production Managers and provided bids to clients. In addition, I booked crew and equipment on a daily basis, managed crew PO's, maintained a production schedule for all video projects, negotiated favorable vendor rates, and assisted with post-production activities.

Wanting to further my skills and experience, I ventured out into freelancing in March 2012. As an Associate Producer, I've been exposed to a variety of projects such as political ads and commercials. Some responsibilities include:

-Organizing production personnel by booking crew and travel; securing crew, supplies and equipment and coordinating production logistics for all crew members.

-Scouting locations and obtaining permits within each state.

-Communicating with production managers, directors, crew members and clients to ensure everything is prepared for upcoming projects.

-Researching and licensing footage for each project; overseeing the post-production process.

-Transcribing video files.

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