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Main objectives were to shoot, edit, produce, teach and assist staff and students in the creation of audio and video production programming materials for broadcast on the District city-wide Educational Cable Access Channel. As Supervisor, I created a video club for after school, oversaw all aspects of recording and broadcasting of live events, producing, previewing, scheduling, programming and archiving of program materials, creating analog/digital media transfers, dubbing, DVD burning, authoring and multimedia converting.

I taught Video Production as a "Professional in the Field" to staff and students of diverse backgrounds, ages, levels of AV knowledge and offered technical assistance to staff and students in and out of the TV Production facilities in creating class projects and program materials.

As an Engineer, I researched, designed, purchased, installed, integrated digital technology throughout the TV studio facilities from the cameras, control room audio and video mixing consoles with matrix routing, 4 non-linear edit suites connected via SAN system, achieved drastic audio improvements through implementing DSP (digital signal processing) enhancing program fidelity broadcast on the District "Twin Cities" FM broadcasting radio station and integrated new video production and broadcast equipment in the District radio and TV Production facilities and in many of the buildings and in classrooms throughout the District.

Other responsibilities were to assist in the maintenance of District audio/visual equipment and repairs, Public Address systems, sound reinforcement systems in auditoriums, gyms, theaters, building inter-communication equipment, low voltage wiring and all head-end audio/visual LAN infrastructures.

Duties often called for assessing, consulting, designing, purchasing, constructing, installing, managing, maintaining, trouble-shooting and the repairing of audio and video production equipment, communication and broadcast systems throughout the District. My in-depth engineering, technical knowledge, audio and visual production and editing skills have been exemplified throughout the District, aiding in the development, teaching and integration of new technologies and offered amazing new capabilities. All of this was done all while on an event changing, flexible work schedule.

Performing 48 of 52 weekends, I became a professional musician starting @ the age of 13, then played and paid my way while attending college. After obtaining a B.A. degree in Mass Communications-Broadcasting, I became an audio engineer working in a recording studio, in larger hotels and convention centers during the winter months in preparation for working on a Mid-West to SE Coast State and County Fair Circuit Tour, mixing on 48 channel consoles inside and outside, in convention centers and in and stadiums holding upwards of 77,000 seats. I enjoy engineering large event venues and the experiences gave me the expertise and audio engineering experience necessary to fine-tune my skills in the art of sound production, processing and reinforcement systems.

I am well versed in critical microphone angling techniques and positioning, main and monitor pink noise compensation, individual input and sub-group processing, parametric EQs, inserting gates, digital rev, echo, chorusing and sfx. I also have experience working on digital mixing consoles for audio and video, MIDI keyboards, MIDI mapping, DSP equipment, AU and VST fx plugins, DAWs and FCP editing software. From board inserts to tri-amping with multiple amp clusters and designing cabinet arrays, I have the knowledge and experience in audio… everything.

I have been in the industry since 1990.

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