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Since I was a little girl, movies, television and media productions have always been a means by which my family and I were able to bond. As a result, the entertainment industry has been one of my primary outlets for educating and expanding my horizons and it has also been the catalysis for stimulating family discussions as well as heated debates.

After having tackled and succeeded at receiving my undergraduate BS with high honors in History, Technology & Society from one of the country's most esteemed universities, Georgia Tech, I am now in search of my next adventure. I am a highly motivated, detail orientated, self-starting individual who is looking for the chance to prove myself and get my foot in the entertainment door. Via my past work with special need children as a nanny, a Division I collegiate swimmer as well as a world traveler, I have developed the necessary skills media companies such as yourself look for in an employee. Such skills include but are by no means limited to: leadership, competence, ability to communicate with a wide range of associates as well as being able to anticipate employer and client needs all while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.


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