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My 20 years of experience of working in journalism is an excellent match to the qualifications you are seeking for a Reporter / Editor position. I look forward to bringing my experience in covering news to your organization.

Since 1992, I have worked at ITAR-TASS – the main Russian newswire service, one of the biggest in the world. A Russian journalist by experience and training, I am fluent in English. My work in Washington, DC during the last 8 years equipped me with the insight into American life and culture necessary to cover economic, social and political stories. As I cover the news here, including working with AP stories, I gain new understanding of American culture, history and traditions.

I have a basic curiosity about life and culture and enjoy and look forward to learning new things and gaining new experiences. My desire is to join a new company and stay with them for a long period as I have with my current employer. My 20 years at ITAR-TASS demonstrates loyalty and ability to adapt and grow within a corporate culture.
In my current role as senior news writer, I am responsible for such areas as:

- Health care
- International Affairs
- Politics
- US Government
- Economic
- International organizations like World Bank, IMF and IFC
- Sports
- Culture

During my professional career I met and overcome difficult tasks. I know how to work alone and in competition with other similar organizations. I have accomplished this under the pressure of deadlines. I would be honored to serve as a reporter / editor and lead the team to achieve its goals. I am eager to learn and master new approaches and technologies, while gaining knowledge and experience.

I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your organization and the position you are offering. Please contact me at 202-441-5451 or email at


Dmitri Zlodorev

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