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Las Vegas, Nevada

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I am a certified Professional Makeup Artist with a ambition, creativity and talent! I am very knowledgeable in skin care and give great attention to every detail and aspect of my artistry. I also have years in experience as a cosmetologist. I worked in salons as well as 3 years in Sephora as a Senior Education Consultant/trainer. I do hair extensions and hair styling. I take extreme pride in my work as well as always being open to take direction and suggestion, but easily take charge when needed. I have an outgoing personality, friendly and easygoing attitude, and a strength to problem solve. I am a team player and have an extreme passion for using makeup to enhance everyone's natural beauty.
I am experienced in beauty, editorial, pin-up, red carpet, special events, drag makeup, airbrushing and bridal makeup... You name it, i can do it!!

I have been in the industry since 1997.

Daywalker: Blades Origin
Added on 9/6/2017
Trailer/teaser for short film that I was Lead Makeup Artist for.


Lead Makeup Artist – Daywalker: Blades Origin

January, 2017 — March, 2017
Short Film – Markiss McFadden

Lead Makeup Artist – Capo "Alles Auf Rot"

June, 2017 — June, 2017
Music Video – Street Cinemas

Lead Makeup Artist – Skuki "Lori Standing"

August, 2016 — August, 2016
Music Video – Blare Media

Makeup artist – The Killers- "The Man, McGreagor vs Mayweather"

August, 2017 — August, 2017
Music Video – Malka Media

Hair and Makeup Artist – GTM- "Chasing the Summer"

January, 2016 — January, 2016
Music Video – GTM Entertainment

Makeup Artist – "Stevie Takes Vegas"

March, 2015 — September, 2017
Television – Baroque Media

Makeup Artist – Interstellar Civil War

February, 2016 — March, 2016
Feature – Director Albert Pyun

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