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Roberto Correa A.M.C. Cinematographer

I can be the Cinematographer you are looking for....

With over 30 years of experience as an Image Maker I have expert skills and knowledge of both Film and Digital media.

I can handle any equipment rig, and I am always conscientious of budgets!

But above all I have the creativity and passion that it takes to give a strong visual form to your Cinematic endeavor.

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I was born and raised in Mexico City…shooting 8 and Super8 mm formats since I was16 years old. I received a solid training from the Academy de San Carlos which belongs to The School of Art and Design and Graphic Communications (1983-1985) of The Universidad Nacional Autónoma of México. At the same time I joined the team of Art and Design Department of the Film Feature: Memoriales perdidos (1985) written and directed by Jaime Casillas, winning the Award ARIEL given by The Mexican Academy of the Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.
I have been certified by Arriflex and Panavision in Film Production, including several extension courses and Lighting seminars. Above all I have REAL field experience in numerous Shorts and Film Features as still photographer, gaffer, focus puller and electrician.
From 1993 to 2007 I maintained a strong and productive career as a focus puller and camera operator under the wing of the recognized Cinematographer and Director Gary Graver, the last Camera Man of Orson Welles.
During the last ten years, with more than 100 titles in every capacity of the Cinematography film-making process, I lensed commercials, Music videos, TV Shows and Features: “Death Tunnel”; “ShadowBox”; “From Science to God: Exploring the Mystery of Consciousness”; “Sacred Activism”, “Hoodrats 2: Hoodrats Warriors”; “Blood Scarab”; “Play it Back”; “F.L.I.P. Mysteries: Women on the Case”; “Friends for Life”, “Guardian of Eden”; “Fanaddict”; “The Trouble with the Truth”. In 2009 I filmed “Capsulas” in Guatemala where it was nominated for The ICARO AWARD by The Film Academy of Guatemala; additionally, the project competed and won several awards in 20 countries.
In 2010 I accepted the invitation to join the Mexican Society of Cinematographers (AMC).
My spectrum of experience is 35mm film, HD/24P and everything in between...

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