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Dylan is an avid lucid dreamer having the conscious ability to manifest and control ones dreaming experience, tapping into the realms of the subconscious to create visionary works expressed through his craft of filmmaking. Since 2005 he has pursued a filmmaking career, winning various awards for excellence. These accomplishments led to his recent documentary projects airing on PBS which focus on the arts and environment such as “Sculpting Peace”. He has attended Maine Media Workshops and in January 2012 he successfully completed a year-long film program and graduated from the New York Film Academy inspiring the faculty, his fellow students, and his audiences.

Through participating in conferences such as PopTech & TED. Dylan has a deep and diverse background in innovative Community Design. He has advised and served with numerous organizations. Because he is heavily inspired by the ideal that humanity at its core is divine and the universe is mirrored through us and in a profound way the natural world. He created the Image Gazer Film Festival showcasing natural and spiritual sustainability through films of awe and inspiration of our world. He is always open to greater collaborations to inspire great beauty though unrelenting imagination that reflect and mirror what we deeply are. His greatest inspirations lay in the realms of non-verbal narratives such as Baraka & Samsara by Ron Frick. His most recent project is a short film called “King Of Oneiros” a love story that takes place in a lucid dream.

"Through filmmaking as my art, I'm allowed to create new realities that make us strong that gives us hope in the face of ruination. I hope to shed the light within, of the great bigger picture that is galactic in nature, fueled by the most powerful vibration that is the law of all attraction. I am a persistent seeker, remembering a fragmented dream."

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