About Me

I am an experienced sound engineer/mixer in the New England/NYC and Oslo, Norway/North Sea media markets.

Having started in broadcast in 1994, I've been freelancing since 2007 and have experience in all styles of projects, in all conditions.
I am a quality driven and story conscious team player.

I have worked for network broadcasting networks (including ABC, CNN, TNT, Bravo, Spike, etc), doing reality/live television, on Independent feature and short films, drama, documentary (indie & feature), corporate, commercial; on voiceovers, musicals/theatre, live/studio music recordings and chamber performances, and got my start in engineering/producing/editing for in a regional broadcast radio station.

Things I have done sound on:
Call Me Lucky: goo.gl (Sundance documentary)
Citizen Koch: www.citizenkoch.com (Sundance documentary)
CNN/Taryn Davis: vimeo.com (TV)
Bar Rescue: www.spike.com (Reality TV)
Google Business: goo.gl (Commercial)
Rosenberg: vimeo.com (Film)
Sort Hår: vimeo.com (Short film)

I own my own equipment that I travel with, but can work with anything that the production requires and/or supplies.

I have a Sound Devices 788T (12 channel, 8 input mixer/recorder - with TimeCode), 2 Lectrosonics and 2 Sennheiser wireless lav channels (but can rent more to record as many as 8 in total, with 4 different recorded mixes), with DPA, Oscar Sound Tech, and Sanken lavs and AKG, Audio Technica, and Schoeps boom mics, wind protection, and 3m and 4m boom poles. I also have Comteks, a breakaway cable for ENG/tethered jobs or I can have timecode sync with the camera for a portable and cable-free dual system setup.

More work samples and equipment information: www.briarputty.com or staffmeup.com

I am versed in many styles of shooting and I am extremely flexible, always positive, an excellent problem solver, and I do high quality work.

I like to travel and take pictures.


I have been in the industry since 2003.

Work with Miles Anderson

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