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John Varallo
3D Artist – Modeler/Animator

Position of interest: 3D/2D Artist / Modeler for Freelance work.

I am a highly skilled 3D artist with 11 years of experience using digital and traditional media. Self motivated and innovative, I adapt quickly to new solutions and work well under pressure.
Able to meet all challenging and mission critical deadlines. Obsessed with creative challenges and highly detailed and complex work using the 3D and 2D media solutions.
Looking for a chance and opportunity in the professional and freelance 3D design industry.
I am self educated in the arts; I have a high degree of skill and artistic ability. I am extremely self motivated. Able to start and complete projects with exceptional speed and render times meeting crucial deadlines.
I can be available twenty fours hours a day. Currently lead 3D Design Artist and Animator for CPM, Civitello Project Management.

[ Professional Areas of Expertise ]
I am extremely proficient in the following programs:
1) Autodesk, 3D Studio Max 2011 Design and up
2) Lightwave 10
3) Adobe Photoshop CS3
3) After effects
4) Final Cut Pro
5) Z-Brush
6) Combustion 2008
7) Composit 2011

[ Work Stations ]
Dual Quad-Core Xeon 5600, 64 Bit OS, PCI Express Graphics Workstation
EVGA, GeForce GTS 250 738MHz, 1GB GDDR3 2200MHz, PCIe x16 SLI, DVI /2, HDTV-Out
Wacom Tablets, Unlimited FTP Service, Dedicated Web Hosting for all Clients.
In House Render Farm:
Dual Boxx Render pros: Dual Quad core Xeon 5600. 64 Bit OS

[ 3D/2D Current Work History ]
Civitello Project Management, CPM. Architectural and BIM Modeling.
3 Years current as Lead 3D Architectural and Designer. Visualizations for mediation and litigation.
Numerous architectural buildings and backgrounds for private films and books.
3D/2D Conceptual Building proposals for clients, real world.
Writing and illustrating 3D Tutorials for various 3D web sites, (Included below).

[ Education ]
I possess over thirty years of on hand working knowledge of the Trades, Mechanical and building Industry. I am self-educated in the arts; with over Eleven years of working knowledge of most major 3D and Post Composition Applications. I have a high degree of skill and artistic ability.
I am extremely self-motivated. Along with all the tools of the trade, I have the ability to deliver a high quality product on time, every time. A strong understanding and professional ability to work in a fast pace environment. I also possess strong communication skills, and the ability to work well with others doing the same. As a hands on business owner, I know what is expected by the client. As a business owner, I know what is expected from the employee. Therefore, I am aware of what you expect from me.

[ Personal Summary ]
I have owned and operating my own Masonry Contractor firm now for over twenty five years. This not only gives me great knowledge of field visual applications but a fantastic working knowledge reading Blueprints and Schematics. This gives me great advantage to convert drawings, Blueprints and schematics into visually realistic renderings of any giving project. I possess great artistic abilities that when combined with
3D/2D programs such as Photoshop CS3 or 3DS Max 9 I am able to produce realistic and visually stunning textures and maps and models. A necessary ability to take any project from concept to completion. I also possess strong free hand skills. Any job or task that I am giving will always be done professionally and to completion, in the expected time or if not sooner. No job is too big or too small.
I look forward to an opportunity and the possibility of being considered for employment by this firm. Personally, I love this field of work. And would appreciate any chance to excel within it. If considered, I am positive that I can be a vital asset to the continued growth and successes of you’re company.

If a position for 3D/2D Artist freelancer is ever considered. I can easily be reached at.
(609)839-0564 Cell

View work at:

[ 3D Misc ]
I am currently and active member and teacher on two 3D web sites. I teach and guide new, as well as seasoned artist, in all matters of 3D/2D Media.
I’m known and highly respected in the community as “Brickhead” You can view my latest projects.
Master replicas: Creating exact and highly detailed recreations of famous movie models.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.
John Varallo

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