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UP Productions encompasses decades of experience working in Los Angeles, California. I have worked in broadcasting at major television networks including E! Entertainment Television and G4 TV.

I worked as a writer and producer on several television programs and helped launch the once fledgling network, G4 where I wrote and produced several programs including Cinematech, Blister, Cheat!, Filter, Whacked Out Videos and more. I also pitched, created, wrote and produced the hit program Grindcore.

I decided to pursue my own video production business in 2008, utilizing my decades of television experience in Los Angeles to bring the best affordable video production needs to Reno, NV, Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Northeast California.

I utilize professional quality equipment including multi-camera setups, industry standard editing software and much more. Whether you need a videographer for your wedding, party, local event, music video, training or corporate videos, depositions or whatever your video needs may be, I will be happy to consult with you to accomplish your tasks.

The ASAM Criteria & Interactive Journaling® System
Added on 9/11/2016
While working with The Change Companies, I had the opportunity to create creative and engaging motion graphics for many of their products.

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