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Short Cover/Resume/Port, for RG Van Valen AKA(ViDeO BoB):

28+ Years Multi-Award Winning Film and Broadcast Professional Dedicated to the Industry with years of Talent from the best in Film,TV and Media A gifted designer with a foundation in messaging and concept design, My passion for collaboration and communication with skills from years of experience that allow me to sometimes think out of the box when faced with Award Winning Deadline.

Artwork ShowReel, DemoReel Link:

2014 Demo Reel in Production,
See Old and New Work YouTube search (MrModoMaster)(RGVANVALEN) Channel.


Google search (RG Van Valen),(mrmodomaster)


Jordy Klein Film and Video, http://www.jordy.com/
Office: 352-288-3999
Cell: 352-427-2560
Fax: 352-288-5538

Accomplishments, Skills and History:

Master Director/Producer/Writer/Editor/Motion Graphics in 7+ Motion Pictures, 8+ TV Series, Multi PBS, Multi Commercial Spots (10,30,60Sec+Incl Listerine Bottle 1993 Clio Award coms, Thru Pixar, SeaWorld, Silver Springs, Universal, Disney, Bush Gardens, Multi Auto Coms, Toyota, Subaru, Multi Infomerc, Product Tutorials, Interactive & Corp DVD,s Games Etc) Films involved Partial list include: Star Wars Episodes, Abyss, Ants, Toy Story, Bolt, Splash, Silverflash, Titanic +

Film Restored, Colorized and Digitized entire Grand Ole Opry Film Library For Famous Albert Gannaway MPTV, (IMDB) 28+Yrs Multi Award Winning 3D Animator.

Master in all fields of Film and Broadcast Industry, Master 2D,3D Animator/Modeler/Rig/Rotoscopy/Channel/Composite/Matt/Layer/MoCap Artist, Storyboard Artist, Voice Over, Music Scores, Hats from Producer, Director, Edit, Lighting, Cameraman, Script Writer, Special FX, from Video to Audio, Prop Builder, Print, Banner, Package Design Expert, Movie Trailers, Director/Producer Under Famous Albert Gannaway IMDB and Joseph Rothenburger (Apollo Missions) for CBS, Disney, ILM(George Lucas), MPTV,Shubert Foundation, Pixar, Jordan Klein Studios(Multi Awards Incl, Academy Awds,Oscar), Universal/Century, Pyramax Studios, Genisis Ent, Steve Saint I-Tec, NASA I-Max 60mm.

Master and Up to date on Mac/IBM/PC/SGI/Sun All Adobe(1995+) CS6+ Master Suite, All Autodesk(3DSmax, Maya3D, Softimage3D) Avid, FinalCut StudiosHD, Cinema4d, Houdini, Newtek Lightwave3D, Aura, TV Paint Pro, Boris, MochaPro, VRay, Nuke, Renderman, TrueSpace3D Motion Capture, RealFlow, Zbrush, All Auidio ProTools, Sony Video/Audio and MUCH MORE!

As a team developer for Modo601sp4 and Now The Foundry Nuke/NukeX that just teamed up together, My Talent and education is in the Hotest software for compositing and 3D animation for the Film and Broadcast Industry, I own and use commercial Modo-701 Developer Edition Latest Pixar render/Recoil Physics Stereoscopic Anaglyph tools to pipeline all software.

Co Dev, with Allen Hastings 1986+ on Videoscape3D/Lightwave3D and all Software Incl. Lightwave, Modo, Nuke, Pixar, etc to Present.

Co Dev, w/ Michael Cox 1986+ on SkyTerm/SkyPaint, Mouse Interface BBS system with MIT that the WWW-Internet is based on.

Co Dev, w/ Roman Ormandy 1985+ on GroundBreakingTrueSpace3D Pioneering 3D Animation Software that Enhanced the Modeling, Surface, Particle and Point Cloud Physics Rendering Capabilities Plus a breakthru in NODE Icon Programing allowing all aspects of Real-Time Design that ushered in improved Systems found in all Software we have today, Although Purchased and Scraped by Bill Gates, TrueSpace3D revolutionized the 3D Animation and Motion Graphics Industry.

Master Software and Game Interface Program Designer and Webmaster since 1984 with Amiga/AMOS/c, Machine Code, Master in Green Screen/Blue Screen Motion Capture, All Switchers and Downstream Chroma Keyers, Ikigami, RED, Sony, Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Hitachi, Booms, Wire jigs, SteadyCam.

All Legacy software and Hardware Incl, Grass Valley 100,200,300+, SGI Flame, Smoke Etc, Shintron Empress 2000, Tektronics, Telemation, DEC-1, DPS, All, Ampex JAZZ, NEC, Newtek(Video Toaster, StreamHD,), Intergraph, Interstor Fiber Channel, ZX10, DVCAM, DVCPRO JVC, Pannasonic ALL, Virtual Set RT systems, Pinnacle(100,200,300,500,1000,Reeltime, Alladin) SGI 301,501, Sony, 1/2, 3/4, 1inch,2inch,Beta, 8track, 16track, 24track audio, Betamax, Betacam Compon,/Compos,/SDI, D1, D2, Dig, HD Paintbox, Toaster RT, all Newtek RT
products, SoftImage RT, VizRT +More.

Served 1st Cav, ARMY, Wounded in field of duty.

Education: New Mexico Military Institute, UTEP Electrical Eng, Mechanical/Drafting Eng.

Created as Head Teacher/Mentor for Internship, an advanced School Program at Pyramax Studios for Many University's including Stetson University, Strong Leader, Past Team Leader over 10+ Interns and over 24 computer Render Farm for Sea Quest DSV TV series, Bab5, The Abyss, Ants, Matrix1,2,3, Terminator1,2,3, Titanic, Toy Story1,2, Bolt.

Master Teacher!

Email List:
+many more

P.S.-Work Hard, Fast and never missed a Deadline,
My over 28+ years as a Dedicated Film and Broadcast Professional gives me an
edge over ALL.
Salary & hourly wage open to any reasonable budget.

I have been in the industry since 1984.

Water Dress DEMO
Added on 8/2/2012
Water Dress DEMO made for Music Video Dec. 2011 The Software used: RealFlow, Cinema 4D, Modo.



Computer Video Technologies Has Long Relations with RG Van Valen on many Productions.
We have found him irreplacable being able to meet our Deadlines and exceeding Client expectations on many occasions.
Without RG's Expertise and Creative Artwork, we would have lost many sucessful Projects.
RG has the tools and Mind to meet and exceed our goals!
Cheers To Rg Van Valen, a great master of Broadcast and Film Production!


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