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Kiss The Limit Productions Inc. (KLP) is a Georgia Corporation that was established in Atlanta in 2005 that provides film and multi-media production services. KLP’s mission is to create compelling stories that transform people’s lives. Whether producing an independent feature or documentary film, an outstanding web-based series, or a short corporate video, KLP’s experienced team produces the highest quality projects in a product mix that crosses cultural and socioeconomic barriers and impacts people in the most positive way. We seek to reflect and embody a level of artistry and excellence that attracts individuals and professionals of all backgrounds.

Kiss the Limit Productions Corporate Reel
Added on 9/4/2012
Kiss the Limit Productions is a multi-media production company. Based in Atlanta, GA, the company is led by award-winning Writer, Director and Producer Shandra McDonald-Bradford. The mission of the company is to create heartwarming and compelling stories that change people's lives. Shandra recently partnered with Producer Nancy Howard to expand the KLP brand. Howard and Bradford have a long track record of producing many successful projects together. They plan to produce a diverse portfolio of projects over the next three years including web series, feature films, corporate videos and more.

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