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I was raised in Bastrop, Louisiana which is where my entire family lives. I have been captivated by movies ever since I was a little girl. I would fall in love with movies and watch them over and over memorizing every line. When I moved off to college, only two hours away from my family, I never thought that majoring in film, TV and video would be an option or something that I was even good at. After my first introductory to film production class, I had a new love/hate but mostly love relationship with making films, especially documentary films. Documentary films is where I feel best suited because I get to combine my two true passions in life: learning about and serving others and making films.

After graduating from undergrad, I knew that I needed more education in filmmaking and that I would eventually want to teach film. So I headed out west all on my own and started graduate film school at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). I recently graduated from LMU with her MFA in Film & TV Production. To me, a documentarian seeks to explore all areas such as camera, environment, interviews and sound to push the subject’s point of view more clearly and truthfully. There within the truthfulness lies universalism that all audiences can relate to in their own realities.

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