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RJR has successfully provided Props to more than 500 Feature Films and Television shows, as well as more than 1000 Commercials, Shows, Ad Campaigns and Music Videos.

Thousands of PROPS available: Servers & Computers, Electronics, Prop Elevators, Office Sets, Medical Props, Hospital Props, Forensic Props, Bank Set, ATM's, Military Props, Prop Elevators, Hi-Tech Security Gear, Police Props, Vintage, Over 1000 phones to choose from vintage to the newest, Retail Store Props, Restaurant Props & MUCH MORE!

* AIRCRAFT: 5 Airplanes Interiors available. Huey Helicopter also avail
* AIRPORT PROPS: Security Screening, Baggage scanner, Metal Detectors
* ATMs: 15 to choose, many working!
* BANK PROPS: Teller gear, Security, Prop Money, Vault
* TV / RADIO STUDIO: Cameras, Mixers, Panels
* SERVERS / COMPUTER ROOMS: 50 working servers with playback! Practical & working!
* COMPUTERS: 500 computers: from New to Vintage
* DRUGS: Coke, Pot, Heroine, Meth, Drug Money, etc
* ELECTRONIC PROP DESIGN: We can light up / design ANYTHING
* ELECTRONIC PROPS: Control Panels, Military, Industrial, Exotic gear
* ELEVATOR PROPS: Working Control Panels, Lights, Indicators, etc!
* JAIL: Phones, Toilets, Prison Beds
* HOSPITAL / MEDICAL: Working Hospital Rooms, Dr Office, Patient Room, ER/OR
* OFFICE PROPS: Computers, Phones, Faxes, Printers, Copiers
* PROP MONEY: Ultra realistic, Duffle Bags, Briefcases, Pallets
* POLICE GEAR: Walkie Talkies, Guns, Police car interiors, Lights, Flashers, etc
* SECURITY: Retina Scanners, Cameras, Mag Swipes, Access Control, Biometrics
* TACTICAL ELECTRONICS: Comm Gear, Swat Team gear, Military, Bomb Disposal Robots,etc
* PHONES: 2500 to Choose! many work & light up! 1940's-present
* SITUATION ROOMS / WAR ROOMS: Exotic & Sophisticated
* TV's: Vintage thru modern. Working Playback TV's available!
* VINTAGE: Over 500 items, phones, projectors, cameras, radios, etc

RJR Props and Set Dressing Services (404) 349-7600 www.rjrprops.com

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