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FLOODstream is a leading producer of broadcast and webcast coverage of sports and events nationwide. We own and operate a remote (REMI) Master Control facility in Mesa, Arizona, and three mobile HD production trucks.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, FLOODstream has facilities in Las Vegas and Northern California, as well as a pool of talented broadcast crewmembers in cities around the country. We provide services and mobile production unitsd nationwide, with local service available in the Phoenix, Las Vegas and Northern California markets

From the most condensed corporate events to major international conferences, and from small sports webcasts to major broadcast productions, FLOODstream’s production approach is the same: Cost-effective and consistent coverage of live events.

FLOODstream’s flagship production truck, FLOODstream One, is based in Phoenix, Arizona and is used for a variety of live broadcast productions including Division I college football and basketball, as well as sports at the high school and professional levels. FLOODstream One also produces broadcast and corporate content for recognizable brands from the business and entertainment worlds. FLOODstream One is a 24-foot trailer, and features a full complement of high-definition broadcast equipment. Based around an all-IP workflow for audio and video, FLOODstream One is capable of reaching audiences ranging from private webcasts to international broadcast outlets.

Launched in the Summer of 2019, FLOODstream Two, was designed to pack a punch in a small footprint. Like our other vehicles, this truck has the capability to produce broadcast coverage of sports and events for domestic and international television, but in a compact package that can go anywhere, and on short notice. FLOODstream Two can also serve as a B-Unit for any of our other trucks, or as the on-site component of broadcasts produced from our Phoenix-area Master Control facility. Measuring in at less than 20′, FLOODstream Two can broadcast from locations large and small.

In response to demand from our clients and partners in Northern California, FLOODstream launched its third mobile production unit, FLOODstream Three. #FS3 is situated ideally to support our sports and entertainment productions primarily Bay Area and throughout the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta area. A 20′ v-nose trailer, features of FS3 include support for up to eight cameras, instant replay, live motion graphics, scoreboard integration and Panasonic HPX370 cameras. As with our other production facilities, FS3 utilizes an all IP digital workflow, based on NDI network video, and Dante network audio.

In April of 2020, FLOODstream built a custom master control facility in Tempe, Arizona to support our clients’ remote production needs. In the age of social distancing, our partners were looking for ways to produce broadcast quality content, while minimizing physical interaction. Our IP-based workflow leverages multiple LiveU encoders and NDI network video technology to provide a virtual production truck. We can support cameras at one or more off-site locations, integrate remote guests via Skype or Zoom with little to no physical contact. Switching, playback, graphics and last-mile network transmission tasks are all handled from FLOODstream MCR. In 2021, our Master Control suite was relocated to our larger headquarters facility in Mesa, Arizona.

We have been in the industry since 1997.

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