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Richard Sole is the author of "A Ritual of the Monkey" A dream invasion adventure epic, Richard Sole swims into the swirly sea of the subconscious shifting logic with fractured reality of dreams. "A Ritual of the Monkey" is surely an ambitious psychological thriller, brilliantly conceived and superbly written. It tells the story of Ezra Cantrell adrift in time and experience, in reality within dreams; dreams without reality as he enters in a world where dreams and reality are indecipherable. What is real and what is not becomes a mind-bending, time-twisting odyssey.

Ezra Cantrell is a Foreign Service employee who meets and marries Sacha, an Indonesian woman. The all-important establishment of the book's premise is made meticulously and at great length as Ezra travels on assignments. Ultimately, it is the experience of the book that toys with the reader’s mind on a massive scale. As Sacha’s emotional pain and the symptoms of her disease become apparent, she is betrayed with frightening delusions. She descends into madness and then regains the ability to function in her world or is it?

Richard Sole studied Political Science at the University of Ibadan and International Law and Diplomacy at the University of Lagos. In addition to his military intelligence service, Richard Sole is a FAA licensed pilot. Sole considers himself a change agent, loves to travel and has visited the farthest reaches of our planet. He is working on his second book. Sole lives with his family in a secure location somewhere in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

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