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My name is Christian Baldemor. I have a degree in Journalism from California State University, Long Beach.

I was a caption writer and proofreader for PhotoEdit, a private photo stock agency based in Costa Mesa, California. My daily task was to write photo captions describing the digital and 35mm photos involving multi-ethnic people in terms of various categories such as art, science, history, business, culture, and travel for filing purposes. In addition, in conjunction with photo researchers, I also assisted in researching the desired images to expedite the sale to potential clients. In turn, the company would sell the photos and images to our clients who are mainly textbook and magazine publishers. In addition, I had the responsibility of proofreading the photo captions of the digital images prior to exporting them to the company website at for our clients to view and possibly purchase at their convenience.

Furthermore, I experienced living and working abroad as an Assistant Language Teacher for the Kashiwa Board of Education in Kashiwa City, Japan where I helped Japanese junior high students as well as adult students improve their English grammar and conversation skills.

Moreover, I worked as an administrative assistant performing various clerical duties for the accounting department of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority based in Los Angeles, CA

Currently, I am a volunteer film editor for, a website that caters to fans of private detective and film noir genres in fiction, film and television.

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