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Hi, I'm Adam Seitzman from Starfish Studios. Do you find that your mixes don't have the sparkle and depth of major label recordings? Have you even had several engineers including yourself try to get you that sound? Is it time for your music to rise above the "local music level" yet your music sounds flat just like all the rest? There's a secret and the industry doesn't want you to know...

The music stores want you to think you can get "that" sound with plugins. The big studios want you to think that it should cost thousands and they don't always deliver with some kid at the wheel. The secret is analog gear with the experience to coax it, and massage it, to paint a picture with sound. What it takes is a great engineer with the same high end rack gear the top pros use and a quality analog mixer. Plugins are ok for the "local level" but there's a reason one of my hardware eqs costs more than a decent used car. The analog gear with its knobs and VU meters might look old fashioned but there's a reason it's still around. Don't be fooled by digital mixers and control surfaces because they look like hardware. The sound of digital just doesn't compare.

I have been engineering 17 years and have mixed over a thousand songs. I can craft you that warm, polished 3d sound that only analog done right can deliver. I do attended mixing sessions where we work together to get the sound in your head coming out of the speakers. I'm not a kid or an intern and I actually use the gear I have, it is not for show. I offer different mixing methods at several pricepoints so anybody can afford it. Btw I'm also a musician for over 30 years. Mixing requires truly understanding what makes a song work so that it can be brought to the surface. Don't leave your song a lump of coal!

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