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Hi, I’m Matthew Steven Cooley and when I was growing up in Washington State, I always had a passion for sports. I played all types of sports and loved watching sports. I knew that going into professional sports might not be an option for me, so I decided to pursue the next best thing, sports broadcasting.

My journey to sports broadcasting started in Tempe, Arizona at Collins College. There I have received an Associates degree in Digital Video Production and just recently finished with my bachelor’s degree in Film and Video Production. During my time at Collins College I was a director for our live production class. I was also a producer on a couple of class films. I made sure that we got the crew and cast we needed, stayed on schedule and on task at all times. Of course I was also a grip on many shoots. I am always there to help out when a hand is needed.

In my spare time I worked as a camera operator for the ABA basketball League and the Arizona Scorpions. I have also worked on a couple music videos as a director and camera operator for some local bands in the Phoenix area.

I would have to say my greatest strength would be that I am a team player. I like to work with people and I like to get a lot of work done. At the end of the day I like celebrating with my team a job well done. My goal is to become a live sports broadcasting director for any sport and if possible several sports. This would give me an opportunity to combine my love of sports with my skills in video composition and directing.

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