Krista Henrickson

Northridge, California

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Experienced Assistant Editor.

Proficient with Final Cut Pro 4,5,6 & 7 Avid Meridian/Adrenaline/Xpress Pro/Xpress Pro HD, 101 wpm, Windows ’95-7, OS 9, X, Microsoft Excel and Word, Toast, Photoshop 7,CS3 & CS4, MpegStreamclip, DVDSP, DVDxDV, DVD2oneX etc. Outlook, Power Point, AVV, ERA, Reynolds & Reynolds, polished phone skills, fluent in American Sign Language, CPR/First aid certified.

2012 Assistant Editor
“Another Talk Show” (TV Series) Producer: Andy Cowan
2011 Assistant Editor
“Slayer-Con” (Web Series) Producer: Jon Debiase
2010 Editor/Director
“Not Now” (Music Video) Producer: Brandon Smalls
2009 Editor/Director
“Vapor” (Music Video) Bractune Records
2008 Editor/Co-Director
“The Ones” (Music Video) Bractune Records
2007 Editor
Hands Building Bridges
“Zombie High” (DVD) Producer: Ovida DeJulia
2007 Editor
Lone Lux Productions
“Arms Race” (Music Video) Producer: Lauren Lambert
2006 Editor/Writer/Director
Lone Lux Productions
“The Deaf Zone” (Web Series) Producer: Lauren Lambert
2005 Editor
Hands Building Bridges
“Alice in Won-Deaf-land” (DVD) Producer: Ovida DeJulia
2004 A/V Technician
CVHS Productions
“Grease” Producer: Sarah Daily
2003 A/V Technician
CVHS Productions
“Fiddler on the Roof” Producer: Sarah Daily

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