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THE NEWFILMMAKERS SERIES began in 1998 at Anthology Film Archives as a local screening series. Over the past fourteen years NewFilmmakers has attracted national and international attention and has screened over 900 feature and 3000 shorts films.

In 2000 NewFilmmakers brought the Havana Film Festival to New York, where it now is in its twelth year, and in 2002 we started NewFilmmakers Los Angeles. Many well known Shorts and Features have had their early screenings at NewFilmmakers; these include Blair Witch, Too Much Sleep, and Zero Day.

Anthology Film Archives is located at: 32 Second Avenue @ 2nd Street on the Lower East Side in New York. NewFilmmakers LA screens monthly at the Sunset Gower Studio and now has its own submission site on Withoutabox.

Recently we started NewFilmmakers Online, the first screening series online. The site now allows filmmakers to distribute their films and earn income. Audiences can see films online, download to their ipods, or burn onto a DVD. The site also allows audiences to interact with filmmakers and with each other.

We have been in the industry since 1998.

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NewFilmmakers [ July 18, 2012 ]
6:00 PM WEB SERIES Matt Kohn MORE THAN SNOW More Than Snow exists because Lior Rosenfeld introduced Tjasa Ferme to Matt Kohn after a screening at the Anthology Film Archives. Kohn immediately realized they should work together. A few weeks later, as the snowstorm of 2010 trapped all New York, Kohn could not sleep. He wanted to shoot in the snow. In the middle of the night, he wrote her an email asking Tjasa to show up in Greenpoint the next day. 7:00 PM FILM JAM Seung Yeob Lee GOOSE FAMILY (29 Minutes) The film 'Goose Family' is a blend of fake-documentary and drama. It's about a Korean family who live separately in Seoul, Korea and New York, U.S.A just for the sake of the children's education. The father, JINSOO, works in Korea to support the family while the mother, SHINAE, takes care of two sons living in the States. They both struggle for financial, emotional and cultural reasons and they gradually fall apart. Christopher Eric Outridge TAPE ME: REEL 1 (12 Minutes) CEO PRODUCTIONS presents TAPE ME : REEL 1. This is a the first film in The TAPE ME series, about a serial killer named FACELESS who video tapes himself stalking, torturing and murdering his subjects, based his emotional interests in their own "human flaws." He takes his murder reel and sends it to each of his new victims. When they watch his murder reel, they become his next victims, and the cycle contiues. Faceless Watches Them, He Tortures Them, HE TAPES THEM... Nobutaka Aozaki THE LIFE IN UNDERGROUND (8 Minutes) The life in Underground is a movie made in May 2011 in response to the feeling of displacement that the filmmaker experienced in New York during Japan’s Tohoku Kanto Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster. In this movie, an ordinary NY subway station is transformed into a make-believe apocalyptic world by imaginary journalistic subtitles. The movie constantly hovers between fiction and documentary. Kent Kitzman PREDATOR/PREY (12 Minutes) Eva (MARISA PIERINI) is away from home for the first time at a summer sleepaway camp. But, when violence erupts between the people in charge of her protection, she must perform a shocking act to ensure her survival. Gail Thomas and Jim Sapione MY BFF (12 Minutes) How far would YOU go to keep a friend? My B.F.F is a light-hearted dark comedy, buddy movie that takes an evil turn when Gail discovers her new best friend Liz has an even better friend, Emily. But Gail has a plan... and it’s pretty freaking cold. Bunch of fun loving (and talented) Brooklyn friends got together and made a little movie... It's like a Saturday Night Live version of Single White Female meets The Shining. Enjoy!! Nira Burstein THE LIGHT HOUSE (12 Minutes) A displaced utility worker, Derek, makes a routine visit to a house to meet Mr. Minkins, a homeowner who hasn't paid the bill in months. Derek must alert him that the electricity will be turned off unless he pays right away. Instead, Derek sidelines his work and lets a propensity to explore his own curiosities take over. Bruce Bernstein TWO GROWN MEN (12 Minutes) Two middle aged playwrights attempt to radically speed up the writing process by creating a play from the transcript of their tape recorded conversations. Micki Mihich THE 100TH JOB (21 Minutes) In "The 100th Job" we follow a Killer as he prepares and goes to do the job which will promote him inside the crime organization. Writer-director Micki Mihich's neo-noir homage to films and film fans won 7 awards and was selected for almost twenty film festivals all over the world. 9:00 PM FEATURE PRESENTATION Tony Glazer JUNCTION (91 minutes) For David Johnston (Tom Pelphrey) Vista Terrace offers easy pickings in high-end electronics to trade for drugs with his dealer, childhood friend Tai Pendelton (Anthony Ruivivar) a brutal and amoral thug who wants David to come and work for him. David knows a life of drugs and petty crime is not what he wants, but he just needs “a little more time” to figure it all out. For “Spot” Williams (Harris Doran) David’s overbearing and bullying sidekick, life is just a continuing answer to the question “what’s in it for me?” As for Kari Fontaine (Summer Crockett Moore) Spot’s long-suffering girlfriend, who has been secretly harboring romantic feelings for David, life is not what she had thought it would be, but she is always hopeful something good is just around the corner.
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