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Waterford, Michigan

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Currently I freelance with Play On! Sports/MHSAA Network and have held various roles with the company including camera operator and video editor for multiple sporting events such as football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, lacrosse and the MHSAA Supershow aired on Fox Sports Detroit. This has allowed me to become familiar with a number of different cameras and editing techniques while being used at different events and venues, as well as final cut pro for editing different events, promos, features and the MHSAA Supershow. Also with Play On! Sports Midwest, I have had the opportunity to be the Audio 1 operator for sporting events with the network as well as Comcast Local and FSN Detroit, North, and Ohio. This has allowed me to get familiar with different micing techniques, microphone placements, wireless microphone set-ups, the IFB system, cable runs, and the operation of the audio mixing board in the production truck during live shoots and live tape delays. Recently, I have had the opportunity to travel down the Indianapolis to be an Audio 2 during Super Bowl weekend with the responsibilities of micing and un-micing talents for the show "Patriots All Access: Super Bowl Special" aired live along with different cable runs and set-up.

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