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Judy Echavez is an actress, TV host and voice-over artist. Judy is also an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, who has worked for CNN, FOX News Channel and TV stations in Miami, New York, Connecticut and Los Angeles. She’s filed worldwide reports for the Weather Channel, ABC, NBC and CBS.

In 2008, the Miami native left the Magic City and headed for the City of Angeles, where she’s been working in TV and Film ever since. Judy’s appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno numerous times and was recurring as Tonya on The Jay Leno Show at 10. In 2011, Judy booked a role on FOX’s The Finder, appeared in Keifer Sutherland’s new FOX show called TOUCH and shot an episode of ABC’s REVENGE. Her other TV credits include Lie to Me, CSI:Miami and The Amazing Mrs. Novak. She’ll appear as a LA police officer in the feature film End of Watch.

Judy has been affiliated with numerous advertisement campaigns, such as Blackberry, Target, Toyota, Toshiba, California’s Energy Efficient Flex Your Power, Qualcomm and more. She’s also appeared on national commercials such as Cascade, which ran in the US and Canada.

Judy’s hobbies include photography, paddleboard surfing and traveling. She enjoys volunteering with organizations to help end poverty in Third World countries and stop human trafficking in the United States.

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