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Axxis provides complete, full event production planning, concepts, creative, equipment and technical support. We are the largest resource in the Louisville, Kentucky region for stage lighting, stage design, large venue audio, video projection and recording. Axxis produces major events regionally and nationally for some of the largest corporations in the USA.

Axxis is a full service production company. We can provide everything from the conceptual design and planning all the way through the execution of your live event. Unlike most production companies that we come across, we actually own the majority of our own gear and employ full-time technicians who run and service the equipment we own.

We employ production coordinators and production managers who plan the details of your event along with department heads in our lighting, video, audio, and LED departments. Axxis also employs full time set design and graphics specialists that develop pre-production content and are utilized in show graphics positions.
If you're interested in digging in a little deeper, please take some time and read through the case studies provided on this website and the testimonials from some of our loyal customers. In fact, we believe these two areas are the most important parts of this online presentation because they will give you a flavor of our broad capabilities, our passion for our customers and, candidly, their passion for Axxis.

Whatever your venue or technical needs – from trade show booths or corporate meetings to conferences, concerts and festivals, we are ready to help you stand out from the crowd.

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