About Me

I officially entered the entertainment industry through acting. Always in love with performing, creative writing seemed to complement whatever phase I was in, be it singing, acting, or even photography. The visual medium has always felt like home to me. I see the world through a camera lens.

I am intensely drawn to the character-driven story, and a BA in Psychology gives me a good base of knowledge in human behavior from which to draw. Creating rich and complex characters, weaving these characters together to create one singular narrative drives my writing. I am challenged by the screenwriting process, but it is a process that I respect and embrace. There is always something new to learn, and that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

Recent accomplishments:
Optioned first script "ana boy" in 2010
Short script "Red" received honorable mentions in the 2011 California International Shorts Film Festival and the 2012 Los Angeles Movie Awards. "Red" was also an official selection the 2012 Beverly Hills Film Festival.
Finalist in the Todd Garner round of the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest. (2012)

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