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Hi, this position fits my background perfectly. Cover letters are inefficient so please allow me to share some highlights. Thank you.

-Started the Feature Film wing of a commercial production company.

-Here's an interview I did in Entertainment Weekly as a feature director:

-Was a member of the Nickelodeon Creative Lab developing ideas for TV shows.

-Have directed and produced 3 features with stars and distribution. Two of those are cult hits and get me invited to speak at conventions.

-Took 2 years off to study finance and funded that time by editing TV, features and New Media. Currently learning banking.

-Was also Head of Production at a Web and Video company.

-Have a family feature film I wrote and am Executive Producing shooting in June.

-Have written 17 completed screenplays.

-Know budgeting and scheduling as well.

-Was a personal assistant to a well known actor for 8 years, covering hundreds of scripts.

-Have an in-depth understanding of state and federal incentives for film/TV and when the bottom line is ultimately the focus of your position, knowledge of maximizing income is key.

-Just spent 6 months on the phone with agents, managers and lawyers at the top agencies.

-Before people knew what YouTube was, I was getting one million views and monetizing by selling shorts to MTV and Nick.

-Writing, Directing and Producing for SolarCity, Overbrook Entertainment, Ralphs Corporate and EA Sports stand out.

-Member of METAL International (Men in Entertainment and Tech, Alpha Leaders).

-Wrote the new Tax Credit laws for the nation of Bulgaria, currently proposed in Parliament... No, I have never been to Bulgaria.

-Starred in Lifetime's "the Unauthorized Full House Story" playing Bob Saget.

-Former Boy Scout.

-Have also produced corporate, promos, commercials, marketing tools, weekly shows and branded web content.

Garrett Brawith

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