Adam Stone

Peabody, Massachusetts

About Me

I have been a camera operator, a director, a producer, a director of photography, and an editor. I have also done several internships at various local television stations. It was there that I improved my editing skills and my field shooting.
I am an experienced editor and, throughout my college career, have written, directed, and edited three short films. I shot the first of my films on a HVX, the second one on a 5D Mark 2 and a 7D, and the last one on my personal Canon T3i. I also helped my peers edit their films. I am proficient in Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere and Avid, and these were used on all my edited films.
I have experience in all aspects of production from conceptions to completation. I have worked on live TV shows, web series, and interview shows among other things. In addition, during my senior year, I was asked by many of my peeers to assist them in the creation of their multimedia demo reels.
You will find that I am a hard worker, detail-oriented organized,and a fast learner capable of adapting to new situations. I react well under pressure, and I am excellent at communicating my ideas to others. My internships and class production projects have groomed me to be a contributing member of a network team.

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