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Oxnard, California

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Hello my name is Adriana Willis. My goals are to travel the world and meet new people. Become an actress, singer, model, and a hip-hop dancer, I really want to become a actress on disney channel. I leave my nerves at the door when I go to auditions. Acting isn't just what I have always loved to do its who I am. One day I will be a actress and a successful one. A few years from now I see myself living my dream in Hollywood. To me the good thing about having a dream or goal come true, is to make another dream come true until finally your living your dream. I belive in making every experience educational. I try to surround myself around positive people. I have good grades in school. If I ever go to a audition im going to be myself and put all my effort into the character they want me to be, and if it's meant to be it WILL happen. My main goal is finding an acting agent.

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