Clay Smith

Hollywood, Florida

About Me

A Florida-based screenwriter, musician and composer. Writing credits include short films "Unfortunate", "Sorry for the Inconvenience", "Harmony Road" and "Outpost". Produced/optioned features include "Investigation 13", "Destination Fear" and "Ill Effects".

I have been in the industry since 2012.

Added on 11/16/2019
Distraught after a late night drunk-driving accident, friends Gustav and Jerry transport a severely injured Female Hitchhiker back to their nearby motel room--where they soon discover she possesses a horrifying secret.


Screenwriter – Investigation 13

Feature – Gorilla Studios Miami, Uncork'd Entertainment

Screenwriter – Harmony Road

Short Film – Flow Pictures

Screenwriter – Ill Effects

Feature – Partners In Crime

Screenwriter – Outpost

Short Film – Flow Pictures

Screenwriter – Sorry For The Inconvenience

Short Film – Flow Pictures

Screenwriter – Destination Fear

Feature – Flow Pictures

Screenwriter – Unfortunate

Short Film – Lineup Films

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