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What You Need to Know to Hire Joshua Weiser, Creative Professional…

Joshua Weiser has been lucky to live, work and learn all over the country in various unique markets. This vast nation holds much character within each geographic region with diverse thoughts, values and concerns. Living around the country has given Joshua a flexible perspective.

Joshua Weiser has had the chance to create for various competitive markets fulfilling multiple titles. The experience gained has allowed Joshua to become a well rounded creative professional in so many diverse industries.

■ Industry Experience, Awards and Titles Held:
Art Director
Gold Addy (Art Direction)
14 YRS Professional Experience
Housing & Development
Professional Sports
Action Sports
Health Care
Home Improvement
Lead Designer
Senior Market
Youth Market
Junior Designer
Senior Designer

Joshua is armed with a top quality education, proven smarts, diverse skills of the trade and the willingness to continuously improve.

● Schools and education:
Fashion Institute of Technology
Advertising Design
Current Trends
Graphic Design
Print Production and Production History
Project Research
New Media Marketing
Google / Internet
Creative Process
Communication History
25 YRS Competitive Team Sports
Erie 1 Boces Vocational School

▲ Personal Values

*The moment you’ve been waiting for. What Joshua Weiser can actually do.

■ The Skills
Joshua Listens
Credible, Compelling, Successful Work
Client Focused
Branding Evolution and Development
Results Driven
User Interface Design
Successful Project Execution
Management Skills
Unique Targeted Solutions
Printing and Production Knowledge
A Problem Solver
Budget Conscious Creative Solutions
Creative Web Design
Mixed Media Campaigns
Creative Brainstorming
Strategy Focused Results
Creative Critical Thinking
Willingness and Desire to Learn
Crisis Management
Project Management

The only thing left to do now is to set up time and place for You and Joshua Weiser to meet. He is eager to hear from you and would enjoy discussing how he can help You effectively satisfy each of your creative needs.

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