About Us

FSF is a full service production company out of the Tri-County area in South Florida. FSF was formed in early 2006, and has been producing top quality work ever since. Whether film, commercial, video or television programming, FSF has succeeded in surpassing all of their clients expectations while staying within their budgets.

FSF was created by award-winning Producer and Director J.R. Poli. The key members of FSF have over forty years of collective industry experience. In addition to all the commercials, some of which have aired during the Superbowl and The Academy Awards, FSF has assisted in the making of some of todays highest rated television programs such as Bravo’s Top Chef, VH1’s Hogan Knows Best and Brooke Knows Best, MTV’s X-Effect and Making The Band, FSN’s Best Damn Sports Show Period and many more!

FSF also travels around the world for filming purposes. Other than throughout the country, they have filmed over seas in places such as The Dominican Republic, Aruba, Anitgua and more.

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