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I am the owner and operator of Ravenspring Creative. As videos are becoming more prevalent, whether on YouTube, Facebook, or as a method of engaging website visitors, the need for well produced videos increases. High quality cameras and productions tools are within reach of the average person. But, the experience and skills using those tools make all the difference in the final product. On the other hand, all too often video professionals treat people like silly children that just don’t understand. Ravenspring Creative was founded to get past that antagonistic relationship with clients. I want to use the tools, my experience, hard learned skills, and new ideas to collaborate with my clients and help you realize a gorgeous video that tells your story.

Ravenspring Creative is a full-service video production company with a passion for video storytelling. We use the latest technology to produce the highest quality videos to effectively communicate your message. By leveraging the available tools, we not only create spectacular videos, we make it easier for our clients to stay involved in the process. Whether it is using wireless technology to allow you to see the footage on an iPad during the shoot or reviewing and commenting on projects at your convenience online, we strive to collaborate with our clients to produce a video everyone is excited to show.

The name of our company is very important to us. It acts as a guide to how we want to operate. First of all, ravens are renowned for their intelligence as well as their ability to work together, use tools, and find new solutions to a problem. Ravens are also a mythical symbol for rebirth and change. And a spring is a fresh, flowing source of supply. Thus, we strive to work together with our clients and tools to be a flowing source of fresh ideas to finding a solution to your visual message problem.
Ravenspring Creative is your source when you want the quality of production that only comes from people who are passionate about their work.


I have been in the industry since 2003.

Brian Prairie's Demo Reel 2012
Added on 8/10/2012
Some projects I have worked on in the past year.

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