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Los Angeles, California

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I have a keen understanding of intricacies of law, high level skills a commitment to provide effective leadership and an ability to interact at all levels

Prior to my appointment to Administrative Law Judge, I had full responsibility for conducting litigation, and negotiating complex transactions for a wide range of interests, including US and foreign corporations.   My work product both  written and  verbal is  presented in  clear, unambiguous, and persuasive  language , based on  thorough analysis,  careful research and   strategies  aimed at  prompt and effective resolution of  disputes.

As a judge, I presided over hearings on Medicare appeals by physicians, hospitals and other providers. In this role I received evidence, ruled on motions, evaluated medical practices and drafted decisions. In recognition of my work, I received a letter of commendation from the chief judge of the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals.

I am committed to provide you with high level professional services. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and my contribution to the Practice.


C. Urevich

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