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To Whom it May Concern:
It is my desire to obtain a position with your esteemed corporation that will allow me to use my vast knowledge in journalism, media and social media procedures and relations.
I am a highly motivated self starter who welcomes new challenges. I have been working on the Internet as a content news manager and editor for the last 8 years. While working at Newsblaze and TheSOP, I have proven to possess some of the highest social media skills on the Internet as well as firm understanding of continuity of flow and day to day operations within a professional office setting.

I have achieved an Alexa rank of 28,000 at NewsBlaze.com and 59,000 at TheSOP.org while building an audience of over 300,000 monthly with my radio program, The American Perspective and TheSOP.org and over 500,000 monthly at NewsBlaze. Part of my daily responsibilities include ensuring and assessing new content, assigning news stories, viral and online campaigns, developing new concepts/partnerships, Google News syndication, online advertising, traffic generation, blogger relations, social media and the use of web analytics. I am also responsible for creating articles, press releases and advertorial scriptwriting.
"Judyth Piazza is one of those imaginative people of boundless energy who change the world one day at a time. She has given young journalists around the world immeasurable help as they launch their careers in a period of great change in the entire communications industry.

I have spent my entire life as a reporter, editor and news executive, and I think I speak authoritatively when I say the profession needs people like her to design and execute the new operational and business models needed in the 21st Century.

Once Judyth interviews you or writes about you, the contacts start pouring in, and in a short time, you`re actually entertaining the notion that you`re famous. The reason is that understands how to use the Internet. She understands its potential, and she restlessly seeks new ways to use it," says Djelloul Marbrook.

I look forward to working with your corporation.

Judyth Piazza

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