About Me

I'm a recent graduate from Syracuse University where I majored in Film and was trained in development, production, and post-production.  I have experience using all types of Canon DSLR's from the 5D-T2i and work mainly with Mac computers and software.  I have worked with 16mm film on cameras such as the Bolex HB, Arriflex BL, and the CP16. The software I have most experience with includes Final Cut Pro 7, Logic Pro, Photoshop CS4, and the full Microsoft suite. While at SU I was taught to work in teams as well as work with a partner to produce short films, short comedy videos, music videos, acoustic band sessions, and a documentary. While as a student taking multiple classes where new video content was expected weekly I have a great understand of deadlines and multitasking between different projects. I believe that through my time at SU I became very well organized, expanded on working well in teams, and mainly learned how to get quality films/videos done in a timely manner.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

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