Derek Woodgate

Atlanta, Georgia


About Me

For the past six years I have also served as Chief Creative Officer for Plutopia
Productions, Inc. – a future-focused entertainment and event production
company in Austin, TX, where I have integrated emerging technologies and approaches into the design of entertainment / performances. I have developed a distinctive concept of inspirational, participatory experiences, which I named “Sense Events”.

I have themed, envisioned, designed and produced
profitable large-scale future-focused signature events, such
as Plutopia 2007 -2011, The FutureMusic Summit 2012, SXSW
events, (Chilean Showcase, etc.), a broad spectrum of
events for third parties, including conferences, seminars and
panels for companies such as Intel, GMR and FIAT and
organizations, such as the Digital Convergence Initiative.

I have also worked as a consulting futurist at The Futures Lab, Inc. and I have an In-depth knowledge of the entertainment, digital convergence and consumer electronics / interfaces, industries. Clients have included: Showtime and MTV (future programming approaches and technology integration); Clear Channel, (future of major events and radio) WorldSpace (global launch), BBC, NPR, (future potential) ImSpace (launch VR and immersive viewing), Blastro
(online music), Johnson Controls (future of entertainment seating), Nokia (Mobile entertainment), Casio (mobile interfaces), Philips, (Future TV, gaming and entertainment systems;); University of Texas (Future of Entertainment); and Fiat. Lancia, Alfa Romeo, and Ford (entertainment systems for vehicles). I was also an expert panelist for the launch of Microsoft Media bundle.

After 10 years, I have recently moved to Atlanta (from, Austin, TX) in support of my wife who is in a PhD program at Georgia State.

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