About Me

Foley artist and a foley stage owner in Long Beach California.

I am a Foley artist specializing in recording Foley for movies, TV shows, video clips and commercials. I am a sound designer working in the Hollywood post-production world for the last 20 years. When I started, I spent my first 2 years editing Foley for TV shows and feature films. Afterwards, I moved into the sound effects side of things but kept cutting Foley for a few projects every year. In 2010, a feature film supervisor and a good friend of mine asked me if I want to record Foley for a zero budget movie he was about to mix. I always wanted to perform Foley so I jumped on the opportunity. This was very difficult and took a while but in the end I got good results. However, I realized that if I were to continue doing Foley I needed to build a soundproof and acoustically-treated space with the necessary footstep pits and a large props collection.

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Work with David Mann

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