Diane Masuda

Los Angeles, California

About Me

Warner Bros. Classic Animation
Production/Office Manager

Managed production from concept through post: scripts, storyboards, animatics, pencil tests, color, sound effects, live action and animation compositing. Worked with producers, directors, animators, background artists and editors on production of commercials, shorts and other special projects. Worked with advertising agencies and major corporate clients (Nike, General Motors, McDonald’s, Kraft, American Express) to develop and produce award-winning commercials.

• Worked with directors, writers, editors, CG artists, traditional animators to determine production requirements and resolve technical and production issues
• Communicated daily production changes and schedules to crew
• Worked with producer to assign and distribute work
• Scheduled and coordinated production resources (telecine, ink & paint, music, sound effects, ADR, post, screening rooms)
• Managed support and maintenance of Avid, ProTools and CG systems
• Coordinated studio and outside vendor services (telecom, computers, furniture, cubicles, copiers, etc.)
• Obtained and approved legal clearances, copyright and trademark information for film clips, publicity and license-related requests; ordered and fulfilled still and clip requests
• Analyzed and submitted annual capital budget for office and production equipment
• Knowledge of NTSC and PAL; tape and digital files; media and formats
• Managed construction of office remodels, tenant improvements and build-outs
• Worked with architects, real estate, engineers and project managers regarding construction requirements (power, HVAC, lighting)
• Responsible for computer hardware and software maintenance and license agreements
• Collaborated with studio Emergency Services Department to ensure proper safety guidelines and procedures were followed
• Organized wrap parties
• Completed work on deadline and crisis basis to meet strict delivery schedules

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